Haynesy – Dope Beat Biz Volume 1 review

When I follow the hype around a new LP from a UK OG in 2019 I need to sit up and listen, so when this LP dropped in my inbox for review, I had to give it a good listen!  This has been on rotation for a week to properly allow it to enter my cannister… so much noise out there these days, I even got the old iPod out, wiped whatever was on it and only put this LP on it and went out and about without a phone to distract me… and loved it!
Kicking off this eagerly anticipated LP is a true old school vibe reminiscent of the Cold Crush basketball battle from Wild Style (Maybe it is that but my brain is a little fuzzy these days).  This intro leads into some nice bass guitar which in turn opens the door to the drums.  The music feels live and natural, I’m a producer so I’m listening with beat making ears as well as the ears of a punter… and this track has nice stereo separation and frequency range, no muddying anywhere… I feel like this track would bang on a nice system (I’m listening in headphones)
Vocals come courtesy of Geebag & Neek The Exotik.  I have heard of Neek but honestly couldn’t name a single tune of his, maybe I missed him… he sounds on point, “Gusto” type bars, he’s just feeling out his boundaries in that traditional braggadocio style… Geebag (someone I haven’t heard of, sorry I have no background except he’s British) then comes in for chorus one, then into his verse… the music breaks down to allow him to breathe… He sounds young, I’m not going to look him up, I’m just going to write this review based on what I hear… “I’m a cross between Biggie Smalls & Craig Mack” he raps… I feel like he has grown up listening to 90s rap, he mentions spitting on trap so he must have cross genre interest here…
Both MCs give 2 verses each, it’s a decent listen, some nice cuts at the end too…
“Trained Assassins” by Scorzayzee makes my head nod with some dope cuts at the start, some nice bits of records used here too… I hear Kane, Black Moon (I think), maybe Das Efx? Bloody hell I’m a nerd (sorry!), oh! Some Chill Rob G!  Nice! (Among others, can’t name them all)… Scorz distinct voice flows over the beat like a candle dripping onto a sideboard… hot and everywhere.  The beat reminds me of a De La Soul tune… what is it?  Ah I remember, pass the peas… as also used by Eric B & Rakim on Eric B Is President…
This is my favourite so far, “I Kill Beats”, “I’m harder than every single expendable”…”What you mean, Is Hip Hop Dead?, we just filled a room with 50 hip hop heads” states Scorz, I’ve seen him spit a couple of times & I get it… I GET IT!  Dope… “There was no tight jeans & all MCs could speak”… THANK YOU for addressing the mumbling buffoons that make up “Hip Hop” these days! Some wicked cuts spin us out at the end of a track… I’m a real fan of properly opening and finishing tracks… Haynesy has his shit on point here… this is a perfect example of how to bother actually making a proper flowing track.  We live in times where 10 gazillion kids have fruity loops and a soundcloud account, a track blows up for an hour, gets a million hits then is forgotten about.  It’s important that attention is paid to detail & I take my hat off to someone who loves the culture enough to take a lot of time to make razor sharp edits… this track shines for me… PROPS.
We then move into cut 3, with veteran MCs Suspekt from Derby in the UK.  Real nice fellers who have done a ton for the scene over the years that I have had the pleasure of working with a couple of times.  “We’re Bringing Real Hip Hop From The UK, so clap your hands, stomp your feet like the old days, when our mates used to break and we sprayed trains, DAT tapes cut up breaks and a rhyme page” is the intro to this wicked testament to what has gone before and what the scene is now.
Len & Pride bang bars with the usual enthusiasm you expect from Suspekt.  Since ’93 these fellers have been doing shows & getting out on wax… and they are still doing it to this day.  A lot of crews and MCs have fallen off over the years, but I feel like Suspekt will rock, rock on for many years yet!  Long live the Suspekt crew! … Pride had the best line from this tune in my opinion, “See me runnin’ armin’ like Carling with my sock filled”… who’s the daddy?!… DOPE
Blade – Use Your Head – uses the part you would expect from the track name, “Yo stop frontin’ and use your head” from Latoya by Just Ice… rocking over some echoes of “UFO”… dope cuts again warm us up for one of the best to ever do it in the UK, Blade enters the track sounding older but extremely on point!  There was a time when Blade might never have done another tune or another live performance…
Image may contain: one or more people, people on stage, concert, night and indoor
I remember his final gig in Winchester (I didn’t go but I saw the videos)…I bought records off him outside venues in London in the early 90s when he would prefer to sell his tunes than see whatever the US group was that was inside.  Frankly I’m honoured to hear his vocals on a new track in 2019 and Haynesy has pulled out all the stops to provide the beat for Blade to flow on…
Blade sounds more mature, but he has nothing to prove anymore… that raw edge we heard in the late 80s/early 90s has gone from his voice, but this does not detract from this track, it’s just progress… if he was to rhyme like he was 19 years old it would turn me off.  I know Blade on a personal level and lets face it, we’re all getting older!  Most people I know from back in the day are at or around 50 now, so if he was to do a dumb shit rap or try to come across like some cut throat battler who can maybe cut the mustard in the battle world of today against these hungry kids it wouldn’t sound right… Blade is more of a “walk softly but carry a big stick” type of MC now… still humble and this rap is just a small window into his world & his past… I would imagine B could battle if he wanted to… quite easily… but does he have to?  NAH!  We all remember what he did and this is just a wicked track to fall into and hear him rock bars again… salute…  PS, cuts at the end of this are FUCKING DEF.
“Jungle” by Dweller comes up next… a mid tempo tune that is guitar led and features an MC I don’t really know too much about.  Dweller is clearly a UK MC, he claims North West, but I can’t place the accent… “Make your vision better” is a key phrase in this track…”I scribble bars that will showcase my mind state”… some super nice production on this one and after the last verse we hear some quality horn placement & proper arrangements… something that seems to be lacking in a lot of tracks, the ability to expand & go beyond.  What I mean by this is he lets loose with instruments that you wouldn’t normally hear or associate with a Hip Hop track.
The fact that this cut goes on for a good minute or so after the last verse just with instrument variation & cutting is testament to the ears of Haynesy as he recognises that “old school ‘ip ‘op ‘eds” like me remember tunes such as the Jussumen remix featuring a good minute of just scratching over beats at the end.
“Pioneerz” by Scorzayzee next enters your ears with another uptempo tune.  I have to say, I don’t think Scorz is right for this track, somehow he’s not raw enough for a beat like this.  My ears are being smacked with the beat THAT I LOVE, but this needs a HARD MC over this beat.  I know that Scorzayzee can rhyme hard if he wants to, but maybe this is too fast for him?  I dunno, it just doesn’t gel for me.  His bars as a standalone listen are good, I like him, I always have done, but for me his lyrics should be on another track.  Separately the track is wicked & Scorz bars are dope, but together I dunno, this track didn’t work for me…
Track 7 is called “Pick It Up” with the one like DDubble kicking lyrics… a nice upper tempo track, the chorus flows with “Coming up, going in, dropping down, pick it up”… this is a track with the MC just flexing his lyrical ability.  It’s one for the wordsmiths out there, a good lesson on how to put words together to create a dope flow.
NOTE . From a previous release
The final verse is most interesting to me, more wordplay, “We augment arguments at tournaments”, some nicely put together vocals along with cuts in the chorus and again at the end.  A lot of sound bites you will know, like elements from “The Bridge” by MC Shan… an altogether very listenable track, an LP cut to me for headphones…
Scorzayzee makes a 3rd appearance on this LP with this next cut “Tri Polar” & I have to just say it how it is, please or offend, but he sounds like Charlie Sloth here (whos voice I can’t stand, I literally cannot listen to the bloke on his tracks or his radio show).  I don’t like the intro, but once the track gets going I can get into it a bit.
This is not a banger for me and I feel like so far this is the weakest track on the LP.  The cuts are tight, but the cuts are tight on the whole LP!  I have released stuff myself and when I listen back to my own music it makes me cringe when I hear mistakes.  And I hear A LOT of mistakes in my music!  Maybe more than the ears of the average punter, but the reason why I bring this up is because I cannot fault the cuts on this LP.
I haven’t mention him yet, but Jabbathakut is the DJ who cuts so fresh on this release, it has his hallmark scratches that are super, SUPER tight.  What I love about his style is the fact that maybe, one day, I could be 1/10th of his ability.  I consider myself a fairly competent DJ, I can spin tunes, do spinbacks, deck to deck, some half decent scratches (my inspiration is DJ Cheese from 1986 and later DJ Aladdin/TooTuff/Cash Money from 1988)… the thing is I’m stuck there, but Jabba has moved with the times, not as technical as Qbert, but precision is his skill.  I’m way too sloppy with my cuts, but for the DJs out there reading this, you know you are in for a treat if you buy this LP!
I know that Haynesy himself is no slouch on the decks (many of you will know him from my face UK Hip Hop tune of all time, Dashy D & Cue Tips cut “Control” from the Hard Core 1 LP).  I don’t have the official press release for the LP with who did what, but I’m guessing H is on at least some of these tracks… if so, this goes to show he’s still sharp as a tack on the cut.
Dweller makes another appearance on track 9.  A laid back tune, he blesses the mic device quite nicely with a kick back feel to a nice backing track.  This is definitely an LP cut, but not a filler… this is important to understand when it comes to the construction of an LP.  The art of making a “proper” LP these days is seemingly lost, however Haynesy seems to have captured this art with the LP… the older crowd among you will remember at least 2 twelves out first, maybe 3 to 6 months apart before the LP drops… and when it did, there would be the lead cuts that came out on 12, some additional bangers and some cuts that let the artists explore their abilities a little bit. Maybe a remix if a cut blows up… my immediate thought is Flava in your ear by Craig Mack coming out, then his next 12, then the LP, then the remix that also got heavy rotation.
I feel like there are lead tracks on this LP that could have done that.  I respect that… I understand the paradigm is different now, it’s immediate consumption, but that leads to instant forgetability… and Haynesy seems to have worked hard not to fall into that category.  However, I do think that if he had released a 12 first and then followed up with this LP it would have been a better strategy… but maybe that’s because I’m stuck between 1984 and 1994…
“The nicest bloke in UK rap” comes to the front and centre next with the number 10 cut “Now & Then”.  Whirlwind D is a professional MC.  Someone who has made it their “thing” in life to spit nice clear bars over a def beat. “Battle is a part from the heart of this art” is one of the best lines I’ve ever heard… SERIOUSLY and I’ll tell you why.  I’ve always spoken about the “B Boy Mentality”.  At the heart of Hip Hop is BATTLE.
Whirlwind D
Whatever the pillar of Hip Hop you choose, if you want to be at the top of the stack, YOU GOTTA BATTLE.  This is something that D understands and his bars in this track reflect that… I would like to see him in a battle actually, I’ve done tracks with D & he’s got bars for days, I’d like to see how he fairs in a sparring contest with other veterans… lets hope that happens!  www.veteranmcbattles.com is available… someone connect the dots!
And so we progress to my fave track off this LP… this should have been the 12 proceeding the LP, fuck me I LOVE THIS!!!!  A super dope uptempo track just how I like it!  Chrome is one of those UK MCs that has never, EVER stepped away from the mic for any period of time… look into his back catalogue and you’ll understand the legacy behind this lyrical machine… somehow he makes fast rap sound easy, until you try and do it yourself!  30 plus years of spittin’ bars has honed his skills to the highest level.

Image may contain: 1 person, sunglasses
Chrome is a beast that needs to be fed fast, hard beats that provide the path for him to flow at his best.  I know he can cut with the best of them and don’t know if he did the scratches on this or not… which is actually a point I need to come to… I can’t comprehend how someone who is so “SICK WIDDIT” on the mic can conduct a turntable orchestra, even doing beat juggles and rhyming simultaneously as I have witnessed with my bare eyeballs multiple times… I’m sure he’s not human (hint… CHROME: maybe he’s a terminator who somehow arrived in the early 80s but had some fundamental programming flaw and just took to rocking mics, scratching and probably doing dope grafitti and windmills instead of executing humans? Someone needs to pull his skin back & see if there is a robot underneath!)
Scorzayzee features on this next Jazzy led cut called “Evolution”.  He shines on this one… this track goes into the means and methods of how beats were knocked up back in the day, discussing Atari STs (I started in the mid 80s with pause button mix tapes on the double tape deck music system I got at Christmas 1984), then I had a Tascam Porta05 4 track with an Atari ST and either an E64 or a S900 (I used both but never owned the kit, I think I had access to both in the late 80s/early 90s, then progressed to an Amiga with Turbo Sound & Audio Engineer with the hardware sampler plugged in, then a Windows 98 machine with Acid, then a Mac with Logic in 1998 on pro tools hardware & I’m still on that today! (minus pro tools)
The reason I go into that detail is it’s nice to hear that it is recognised how things are.  I’m a proper tech nerd & I’m right up with all the latest smartphones, I’m a Linux/Windows/Mac/Hackintosh/Androi/iOS (jailbroken obviously!) kinda bloke who hates the forced upgrade path.  2 years ago I recreated my first Mac rig (a 466mhz graphite G4 with Digi001 interface on OS 9).  It was super fast, super reliable and just worked the same in 2017 as it was in 1998.  Evolution is great, but forced upgrade is a load of old bollocks.
Sorry, went on a tangent there!  The track uses some vocal snippets from the sadly deceased guru over some nice bass and sax.  The beat drops alongside some guitar and Scorz starts his flow. “Needed to stamp an envelop e just to send a beat” he says… I remember that and wish it was still like that but now it’s just a wetransfer link… which is great & convenient… but I love holding it in my hands! (I recently went back to minidisc!)
He mentions how the slang has changed, the tech has changed, voices, effects making things “better”… but he hits the nail on the head when he mentions about how there’s a million options there now… to me it stifles creativity as there’s too much choice.  I just want a burger and chips mate, not a 27 course meal thanks.  He mentions how different it would have been if Marley Marl had access to a gzillion drums… we would never have heard those raw drums on “The Bridge” or “Livin’ in the world of Hip hop” among all the other classics…
I like working inside the box, with limitations.  I bought a Pocket Operator PO-33 which is super limited just so I could go back to working in the box & I love it!  (Although I never get the time to do anything with it!)… I like this cut & his words have a personal meaning to me…
And so to the last track on the LP, lucky for some, number 13… some organs kick us off as W.E.G has cuts done over the top, a mellow feel and I have to say, another example of LOVELY production.  This is not raw, overall the LP has polished production… professional production.  When I hear productions from others I can’t help but compare it to mine and my stuff is always a bit rough round the edges& unfinished maybe, but that’s my stamp… Haynesy has his production style down to pat & I imagine him feeling comfortable in Dr Dres studio…
The MC on this last one “WEG from the OSBC” kicks some interesting lyrics giving us a snapshot of his life.  His voice reminds me of Ex-P (his latest cut is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZuiWGC6Pto )
Mr. middle England gives us a mellow flow over a mellow beat, an interesting head nodder to round us out…
And so that’s it, volume 1… which implies volume 2 could be coming, maybe next year or the year after?  If that does happen, I would love to see some more veteran MCs making an appearance here.  Maybe Katch 22, or Demon Boys (pretty much impossible I should think!), TLP-1, MCM, Duke, Original One, Killa Instinct, Curoq to name but a few.  I’m also a bit of a jungle head and I know Haynesy has a penchant for other music styles, I’d love to hear his productions in other styles too.  This is a solid 7/10 LP for me.  Bear in mind that a 10/10 would be “Nation of Millions” or “Critical Beatdown”, so 7/10 is top drawer as far as I’m concerned!
Haynesey is a lovely bloke to boot, I hadn’t met him before Stetsasonic this year and we had a little chat, I’d love to work with him in the future, maybe on a remix project or something… now where’s my old Atari St!
This LP will be on heavy rotation for the next 6 months, make sure you support this at the following link:
Peace, Waxer…
Notes & tracklist:
1.Put Me On – GeeBag & Neek The Exotic
2.Trained Assassins – Scorzayzee 03:40
3.Back In The Day – Suspekt
4.Use Your Head – Blade
5.Jungle – Dweller
6.Pioneerz – Scorzayzee
7.Pick It Up – ddubble impactt
8.Tri Polar – Scorzayzee
9.These Days – Dweller
10.Now & Then – Whirlwind D
11.Start The Panic – Chrome
12.Evolution – Scorzayzee
13.W-E-G – Weg

Dope Beat Biz Volume 1 credits
(releases September 6, 2019)

concept, musical & cuts arrangement, musical production – Haynesy
mixing – Haynesy & Leo Kin
mastered – Leo Kin
cuts – Jabbathakut
artwork – Drop Dead Fresh
all rights reserved


ABU! Podcast for Summer 2019

Well, whadyaknow? Repo136 has gone and done it again guv’nah!  A finely sliced & diced 2 hours of entertainment to lick your ears with that Hip Hop you need… featuring cuts from all over the place and leaving me wanting to listen to back to back Mike Allen shows.

If you are not acquainted with Ageing B boys, this is a great show to kick you off to discover the back catalogue, it really is a meat n potatoes podcast, like a comfy pair of pyjamas, slightly open paisley dressing gown & soft fluffy slippers… while doing a windmill or moshing in a dirty early 90s London club!

Anyway, this is already available on the ABU! Hearthis page, the embed is below, but this post is for the podcast subscribers to Disco Scratch… and by the way, I am back on the airwaves this Thursday with (hopefully) a special guest!  Anyway, here’s the show on Hearthis & after that is the embedded MP3…

If you like the show, leave a comment!  Oh, by the way, ABU is on facebook, it’s a great group, join it and share!  Click the pic to connect:




DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Yoda & Huey Morgan Gig Review Dreamland Margate

In 35 years of listening to Hip Hop I have never had the opportunity to see Jazzy Jeff live, so when I heard he was going to be in my town, I stood up and paid attention!  Alongside the UKs finest cut & paster DJ Yoda and Huey Morgan from the Fun Lovin’ Criminals, with Boogie Storm on dance duties it was shaping up to be a belter of a night.

“May The Fourth Be With You” said Daffy Duck once (probably) and it stuck, so since a long time it’s been official Star Wars day around the world, so with Imperial Storm Trooper balloons adorning the stage, Wookies walking around in the crowd and DJ Yoda warming up the set, I was about ready to break out the blaster & bust some middle aged uncoordinated bloke dance steps…

Sadly I missed the first hour but as I entered I could hear some vibes coming from the main stage and could see Yoda was in full effect.  On this particular day, we had all 4 seasons seemingly every 5 minutes it changed.  There was a sea of people wrapped up to fend off the seemingly sub zero temperatures, but still all up for a good do!

Yoda played a good mix of party tunes, a few obscurities & some really well known tunes with is individual style of chops & screws.  As a DJ myself I was interested in what was going on behind the wheels of steel.  There were lots of mashups & party faves played in to the mix which went down a storm!

For the final 2 hours of the night, the magnificent Jazzy Jeff came on and did his thing.  Now I first knew of him waaaaaaaay back in 1986 when Jeff was cutting up the classic Ultimate Breaks & Beats volume 3 (see below)

Many of you will know him from his days with Will Smith on the classic “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”.  To me, I’ll always know him as a scratch DJ from this classic set.  He is literally the reason why I wanted to become a scratch DJ!  Flash, him, DJ Cheese and later DJ Aladdin, but with the transformer scratch like he performs here, it cemented the deal for me!

Over the years, Jeff has honed his skills and with the advancements in technology, with him changing with the times all the way, he has mastered the way to use the technology fully… and I’m not talking about just using the “Sync” button!  With the introduction of the new “Phase” kit, which I know Jeff has adapted, there’s not even a worry about needles jumping any more!

But, you can have all the DJ tech in the world, but it’s what comes out the speakers that is important!  And that’s where he shined last night.  Constantly keeping it moving and playing across all genres…even though he is from the world of hip hop, you’ll hear tunes from Pop, rock, metal, funk, soul, hip hop, house, jungle, garage and all the genres between in a melting pot of tunage!

The only negative thing I have to say about his performance, is from time to time he would drop a blinding track which you could tell everyone wanted to hear, but he mixed out of it too quickly… but I understand why… if you let tunes roll too long it changes the paradigm and then it becomes a different thing.  The MC hosting the event was nice and kept the crowd engaged throughout.

I did manage to grab a short interview with DJ Yoda while he was walking away from the stage, but on my recorder I didn’t have the wind proof covers for the mics and so all I got was a load of wind noise with us drowned out in the background!  Anyway, a great night and I’m looking forward to more sets at the venue throughout the summer.  Many thanks to Dreamland staff for taking care of business, especially Sinéad who arranged press access.  Please arrange for warmer temperatures haha!  Peace, Waxer.

All photos courtesy Dan Thomsett


Disco Scratch Radio 31.01.2019 with Safire

About 5 years ago I did a show with my son.  He was about 13 roughly.  I got him to play 3 tunes and I gave my opinions, then I played him 3 and he gave me mine (we played them alternately).  I had a lot of great feedback about that show, as it’s about the passing of the mantle between generations.  Now let me introduce you to my daughter…

She’s currently 13 and over the past year has got into trap/drill, but also in a wider sense, rap.  And from that, Eminem, some of the other rappers that are more widely available (Drake, Kanye etc).  But, she has also developed an ear for stuff that I like.  There have been certain tracks that I have played that she has gotten into and one of those is played in the show tonight.

So we had a laugh for the first 40 minutes (this was recorded Sunday), then I was live to the world last night.  Chatroom was in effect, views at 10 (and I went DEEP this week!), played some brand new cuts from the UK & US (special shout to B Line Recordings SPECIFIK with his new LP)

Then we had a couple of tracks, 1 including Haynesy, then went into the chatroom selection… Loving the fact I have now got the stream back to being reliable and this will be on the regular now!  So, spread the word, leave a comment if you like this, or not, share, repost as you see fit, salute!

Get your stream/download on below, tracklist in comments…

Internet Archive post

Get your download on at the show archive, updated weekly!

Blade Interview Download

Being as Blade is now on social media I replayed this interview as he is writing some great posts on FB at the moment.  Between myself and a couple of others we will be helping Blade get a proper website up and running with all the great pictures, videos and stories.  He was in the chat room when this show was played, so when I say it’s worth getting in the chat, it really is!

More guests to come soon and all the usual downloads below…

Internet archive post



Review of 2018 by ABU members

Last night the first Disco Scratch Radio of the year aired and featured all tracks released in 2018 (except one which is coming out in 2019, but created in 2018!), all selected by members of the ABU FaceBook group.  20 tracks in total, I won’t flap on too much in here, just get your listening gear round the file below.  As usual, all links below.

I’m hoping to be working locally for at least the next 2 to 3 months so should be back to regular live shows on a Thursday night from now on!  The full tracklist with the names of the ABU members that selected the cuts is in the comments at the bottom of the post.  Thanks to all the contributors, see you next week!


Archive of all shows

Internet Archive Post


Disco Scratch Hotline is Live! 01843 265089

I’m doing an end of year 2018 show so this is a chance for you to get involved and ring the hotline and leave a message.  Please make sure you get it in before Wednesday 30th December 2018 for includion in the show… OK y’all, peash!


Ageing B Boys Unite! 2018 Christmas Special

Streamed live on Thursday 20th December, accompanied by a couple of snifters of a little suttin’ suttin’, I sat with my elf hat on and partially open paisley dressing gown and got filled in with Christmas spirit courtesy the old boy Repo Claus… We always try to get as many people in the chatroom as possible… trying to get the balance right with a little bit of promo without tagging everyone and cramming it down your holiday road!

Repo & I like to think that if ABU! is your cup of tea, that you would seek it out yourself without us doing too much, however it’s always a little disappointing when we don’t get many live listeners… we have supported many people and websites, radio shows, music releases, events and so on over the years, yet for reasons unknown to us it doesn’t seem to be reciprocated.

Somehow, this post bringing you Christmas cheer has turned into a bit of an end of year moan!  Oh well, take that brandy bottle by the neck, take a slug and sneak into your mum & dads room where you know they’ve hidden your Christmas present (like I did at Christmas, I think probably 1983 and completed the game and put it back in the box about a week before Crimbo, then had to look all surprised when I took the wrapping paper off!, shame on me!)

And so here is the actual show that went out live, it is hosted on Repo’s Hearthis page, so for the sake of statistics and keeping everything in one place, here’s the embedded Hearthis player.  A download link is included within the player for you to grab it and throw it on your player of choice.  Grab some eggnog, some Stölen and tune in… see ya next week for the Disco Scratch Radio end of year show… Tracklist in the comments.


Throwback Show, DSR10 Biscuits

This week I was stuck away working AGAIN with shitty Wifi.  I knew I couldn’t broadcast live so I tried to upload this show 4 HOURS before 9pm and after 3 hours it was still only 50% done so I ended up abandoning it.  I feel like a got damn stuck record with telling people I couldn’t do a show, however I’m job hunting at the moment and I won’t be working away from home then.

My work situation has in fact messed me up and now I can’t get to the NHS jam next week where I was meant to be DJing for Whirlwind D & Original One.  This is a right shitter as it’s really the only jam I go to religiously every year, but real life shit gets in the way… what ya gonna do?

Anyway, hope you enjoy this rave from the grave show, it’ll keep ya going until I can get a live show again, which won’t happen next week as I’ll be driving down the fucking cunting bastarding M1 when I should be on air because of my work schedule, but something will be up on Friday…

Stream/download etc all links below…


No Sleep Nigel Interview Part 2

Bloody hell the knowledge this bloke has is super deep.  So we split the interview into 2.  Thanks to everyone who joined in live last week for the show.  Unfortunately I had a bad problem that arose yesterday that threw everything out the window, so when I should have been streaming I was driving down the M1 trying to get to Margate!

So anyway, here’s the show, back to live next week…

As always you can stream/download the show below, head to the Mediafire site and grab the show (just click the image) and other shows (I am building the vault), or if you prefer stream from Mixcloud / Hearthis.  There is also an internet archive page here if you fancy that… til next week.

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