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Basically, I’m out, Swayze, Audi 5000 & any other stereotypical Hip Hop type slang you can think of…

Disco Scratch started back in 2007 with me posting up tape rips and any other Hip Hop related stuff of interest.  First show was broadcast in 2008 as a podcast, then after a couple of years of various downloads, it went weekly in 2010 and it quickly snowballed into something great… loads of community support, great guests in interview, the weekly live shows were what made DS what it was.  It worked because of the chatroom, crowd participation, the phone ins etc.  I loved it (and still do), but I am at a time in my life where I really need to focus on what is best for me and my family.

Over the past year I have only managed to do 1 live show.  My business has always had to come first and it meant I was constantly up against it.  Back when I was doing weekly shows, I had to the time to put into the interviews, the editing, all the background stuff, the website etc.

I haven’t had the time to put anything into this really for a good 2 years and I thought it better to put the old dog to sleep rather than let it wander round aimlessly bumping into things and probably taking a shit on the lounge carpet!

I will always have great memories of Disco Scratch and love all the support that I have had from the many people over the years.  There are too many people to thank in person, but here is a quick role call going out to those directly involved in the show:

My missus Corrina for putting up with 10 years of… well, if you’re reading this, you KNOW what she’s put up with!  My kids Froggy Bum & Byron for getting involved in the show, Freestyle FM, HHB Radio station, Sensei FM for hosting the show before I got my own server.

The following interviewees & show co hosts:

Blade, Ambush, MC Duke, Overlord X, Pritt Kalsi, Scenes 14, Whirlwind D, MC Mell ‘O’, No Sleep Nigel, Shucks 1, Patti Astor, MC Gels, Kaz Peet and extra special fluffy love to LG from Style Warrior for sponsoring the show and putting up with my madness & my mellow Repo136 for his monthly ABU! Show which I hope lives on somewhere on the internet for many years to come!

I can’t forget Websta from Heroes of UK Hip Hop who created the only place on the internet that I felt comfortable and in the presence of such fantastic people!  Massive props to those that supported and performed at the events we did in 2007 and 2010.  These include Chrome & Ill Inspired, Suspekt crew, Def J a/k/a Original 1, Bandog & Killa Instinct, Whirlwind D, Assembly Worker, Ambush, Ridla, Crimes 4 Minds for the visuals & to the most heavy gear carrying man who saved the night DJ Cutloose!

So many people have supported the show over the years, the events we’ve done, the forum etc… I can’t thank YOU THE LISTENER enough… it has been quite a blast.  All the chatroom people that have made me laugh over the years, people that have submitted mixes and tracks etc… thank you all…

Massive props to my mellow DUCE a/k/a Dan Lish for the artwork for DS & also out to one of my oldest “Hip Hop Mates” DuckAlert for providing ALL the music for the show over the years…

I’m bound to have forgotten some people so really sorry if I did, just please know that I am eternally thankful to anyone that has been a part of the show in any way…

Anyway, the site will stay up for a while as will the Disco Scratch facebook page, twitter & instagram etc.  My plan is to slowly but surely upload all the past shows to Mixcloud and back that up with everything on several download sites such as Mega & mediafire so you can cop the full MP3.  This will be done as time permits, so hopefully before I’m dead!

So what’s next?  Business has been very very difficult over the past year so I’m looking for a new career.  I’m 44 now and can’t waste any more time doing work I don’t enjoy, so the plan is to build up the things I love that I can also feed my family from, put a roof over our heads & a shirt on our backs.

Well, I’ll be around on the interwebs, thanks for the support, peace out, Steve (Waxer)

PS… shouts to Schnoogly Boom Boom McCutiekins & all the people who rang in to the DS voicemail over the years leaving the best messages!!!!  Without you DS would not be what it was…

Sticky: Disco Scratch Hotline 01843 265017

Yep, it’s that time of year again when old Waxer Claus gets ready to empty his sack right down your holiday road… so why not leave a special message for the listeners to the show in the Disco Scratch Hotline number of 01843 265017.  Please leave message no longer than 1 minute, leave a messages of Christmas cheer, shout out your crew, say what’s up, whatever!

Hope to get a message from you to play on the show, salute!

01843 265017

My Apocalypse Rap Show 27.1.1992


Some of the Delta Force Crew in this pic from theGo Off blog

A strange thing happened back in the day when I was on Delta Force FM in Southsea doing the Infamous Rap Show.  Somehow, even though we all got on, a rivalry appeared which was very much handbags at dawn, between the Infamous crew & My Apocalypse.  I to this day, cannot remember why this happened as… well, we all had the same aim.

Anyway, this tape from January 27th 1992 is a My Apocalypse show, featuring tracks of the time.  No talking on this one for reasons unknown, I wouldn’t have been on this one anyway as it was a My Apocalypse show.

Bigup anyone who used to tune in back in the day, 107.0 FM Boyeeeee!!!  Broadcast from a house in Somerstown from a biscuit tin (TRUTH!!)

Mouth Breathers Mixtape Download


Thanks to all crew who joined in the chat tonight, it made it a really, REALLY great night.  The stream is at 128kbps, but the download is in the full fat 320 kbps MP3 niceness… so grab it here…

This halloween we really hope you enjoy this mixtape… it is the sorcery of 3 minds intertwined to produce a 2 hour musical marathon of Stranger Things related music… we are all of a Hip Hop background, the influence of which is clear, but this mixtape gets a foothold on the shoulder of that and boosts up to a synthwave crest of opportunity that rings out in this mixxx…

If you missed the show, you must rewind… share to your brethren… behold… THE MOUTH BREATHERS MIXTAPE…

Mouth Breathers Mixtape, tonight 9PM Disco Scratch Radio


In case I hadn’t annoyed you all enough with promo for tonight, here’s a quick post to give you the details.  The show is done in a way that you could fit in on a C120 cassette, 2 hour show.  I kick off with my episodes 1 & 2 section, then LG finishes side 1 & starts side 2 with episodes 3,4 & 5, then Repo closes us out with episodes 6,7 & 8.

Really hope as many of you can join us as possible!  There will be another post after the show with a 320kbps MP3 download for you.  Subscribers via RSS or podcast software (iTunes etc) will get it automatically.  See you in the chat!

Time: Today, 27th October 2016, 9PM GMT



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The first UK rap record

Over the weekend I was added to a group on FaceBook (which I normally hate when people do that, but this one is entertaining, at least for now!).  It’s called Hip Hop debates UK.  Well, after going through some posts and making a few comments I thought it would be a good place to post about the very first UK rap tune.  Now I love the art of conversation, I try to think of Facebook as if you wandered into the pub and there just happened to be some rap nerds in there (no one has internet access to fact check) and debates arise that you can only draw on your memory to mull over.

So I posted about what I thought from my foggy memory was the first UK rap record.  Now I thought this might have been “London Bridge is falling down” by Newtrament, so posted words to that affect to kick off a thread.

newtrament-london-bridge-is-falling-down-front newtrament-london-bridge-is-falling-down-back






I had some great responses and thought that rather than that information get pushed down and forgotten about on FB, I’d post it here.

So, first response I had was from a feller called James McNally with: “Summer 1981 As The Time Goes By (Rap) by Funkapolitan, 1982 Dizzy Heights Christmas rapping, 1983 Man Friday and Jive Junior Picking Up Sounds… All before Newtrament and all featuring rappers who were part of the Language Lab crew, so actual rappers not novelty performers”

And a follow up post with “There was the rap on Funkmasters’ Love Money, which I think was 1980? That was produced by Tony Williams who produced the first Junior Gee records”

Ant rap & Wham rap are mentioned by DJ Just 1, but obviously these tracks were just pop artists exploiting this new musical avenue.

I posted back with this, which made me think I should get this on Disco Scratch: “OK so after a bit of thought I remembered I have a mixtape from a guy who knows a bloody lot about UK Hip Hop, maybe more than anyone else I know! Back in the days of Heroes Of UK Hip Hop we did a mix swap. His mix was 3 decades of UK rap, with the first track from 1980. Well, I dug it out and had a look and this track is a UK rap from 1980 by “The Mexicano” (this is actually Rudolph Grant, brother of Eddy Grant) with the track “Dallas” on Mercury records. Well, it is a proper rap, with a genuine UK artist, Ambush says it’s the first so unless anyone else can prove otherwise, I’d say this is it then!”

So, I found the CD from Ambush that I have double checked to see if it is online anywhere and haven’t located it.  I can’t get hold of him these days, Websta is not online & I’m sure they would both be OK with me posting this mix, as it’s great and covers 30 tracks from 1980 to 2010.  There are some great tunes in here and shows how styles have changed through the years.

I’ll let the music do the talking, track list at the bottom of the post.

Links (Discogs)

The Mexicano – Dallas (1980)

Newtrament, London Bridge is falling down (1983)

Funkapolitan: As The Time Goes By (1981)

Dizzy Heights Christmas rapping (1983)

Man Friday and Jive Junior – Picking Up Sounds (1983)


Disco Scratch Radio October 2016 Rock Against Racism


A while ago I posted on social media that if I felt strongly about something, instead of clicking like, retweeting, reposting etc, I would actually do something about it.  So, for the uninitiated (as I was until this week), there is a racist group run by neo nazis who have chosen my town of Margate to have a march.  They call their group “White Lives Matter”.  It is disgusting that a movement in America, which is designed NOT to alienate any other colours, but focus on the problems facing the black community in America, has had their name twisted and misused by this group.

You will hear opinion in the interview as I discuss this situation with one of the organisers, Kaz Peet.  I simply could not sleep at night knowing this is going on, on my doorstep… so I will be down there tomorrow with friends and family to enjoy myself at this excellent festival supporting our diverse communities and showing that ALL LIVES MATTER.

Please try and get down to Margate tomorrow to show these people who only want to stir up racial tension in an area that has welcomed & embraced it, that all communities can live together without fear of racist attacks.  Here’s the location:


I won’t get into any more detail here, the interview speaks for itself, the interview is part of the normal show so there’s tunes and chat in there like usual!!!  Don’t forget our special “Mouth Breathers Mixtape next week on Disco Scratch Radio featuring Repo136 from Ageing B Boys Unite & LG from Digging4Victory, you won’t want to miss!!!

See you next week… Download at the bottom of the post


Facebook Event:

Oppose the fascist White Lives Matter march – join us in Margate