Disco Scratch Radio Thursday 3rd July 2014

Another Thursday, another live show… some distortion at the start of the show people (and not the usual mind distortion you’re used to) I mean a bit of clipping, DAMN THOSE LEVELS!  Anyway, busy chatroom again, usual suspects… topics covered this week included why I am in ever more despair over the UK press as […]

Ageing B Boys Unite! Show June 2014

  Repo pulled together a smasher of a show this last Thursday, showing a side of music not often visited on Hip Hop shows… the thing is… ABU! & Disco Scratch have brought together people that are from a particular generation.  We all love Hip Hop, that goes without saying, but you can’t just live […]

DS downloads/podcast back in effect

Sup people… SO…. I have, in the past, always tried to do a show, then edit it properly, do artwork, ensure the ID3 tags are tight etc etc etc… these days, time is always a factor, so from now on, I’ll be uploading shows, but they might be a bit RAW… however, that’s how we […]

Where I am right now…

Over the past year, I think I have done only 4 or 5 live shows… this is very annoying as I love the radio, but because of work & family I get hardly any time at all to prepare for a show and I was getting pissed off with rushing around 5 minutes before the […]

Disco Scratch/Ageing B Boys Unite! Movie Night – Trading Places

Tonight at 10PM (Saturday 14th December 2013), the chatroom will be open to all comers who want to watch the classic Christmas film “Trading Places”. After talking about it with Theory77 last week and listening to the intro music in the show, it got the old juices flowing and an idea popped up. So, Repo […]



LG Takeover Thursday 05.12.2013



There he is! The water cooler maestro himself, the one like LG… so last week due to untold yrekcuf I could not do a show, so he kindly stepped in and thre down with a 2 hour mix… I’ll be posting the tracks in the comments…. thanks a lot my mellow!

Disco Rust AntiChrist-Mas Special!



After talking about it for literally a decade, we actually got together last week and recorded this… It’s Chritmas versus itself, Otters Vs Zombies, it’s… I dunno, me versus most of Facebook! haha, take a listen, a couple of hours of Leffe induced verbals discussing stuff that pisses us off and stuff that makes us happy, in a kind of vaguely Christmassy way!

Bigup to all those in the chat last night, other than one twat who was trolling but what ya gonna do… Merry Christmas everyone!


Ageing B Boys Unite! November show

It’s the return of the Ageing B-Boys Unite! DS Takeover/Podcast.
Originally Broadcast on Disco Scratch Radio Thursday November 30th 2013.
Featuring regular highlights; DJ Track Of The Month, The Roots Of The Roots, The Funk Trunk as well as electro, classic hip hop, breaks and some 80′s pop, this is the one show you do not want to miss!

*Extra special thanks for this storming show from Reeps, especially great intro!!!!