So it’s 2016 is it?

Fashionably late to the party here I am posting about new years… well I suppose that’s how it is these days for me… right now I’m having a hot flush! One of those things your mum used to have in the 70s.  So I’m at work A LOT… but hopefully this year I’ll be taking on an apprentice & a few blokes to do the daily grind so I can kick back & bit & do more that I enjoy, like the radio!

It won’t happen overnight, it’ll take time… so for now I’ll be doing radio when I can, I LOVE live radio, interaction with all crew…but I gotta do the work & family stuff first… so, give me a few months & hopefully I’ll be back weekly… I have a lot of audio that I have recorded over the years that I think needs to be aired so I’ll be uploading things to Disco Scratch to keep you entertained… who knows, I might get on air every now & again!

I’m in the process of just running a few recordings through some mastering software & will be uploading soon so hopefully you’ll be getting these in your iTunes/RSS feeds…

In the meantime I have been enjoying this all week, so speak to you all soon, salute!

Disco Scratch Radio Christmas Special 2015


Stoke up that fire, get that brandy class topped up, sink down into that comfy chair & let me lick your ears with 2 hours of Christmas…

Who am I kidding? It’s the usual shite dressed up as a Christmas show!  Hope all you buggers have a happy crimbo & see you in 2016!  There’s rumours the missus might do a show on Christmas day, we’ll see… Peash!

Disco Scratch Radio – Polystylism Show/Digging4Victory 12.11.2015


The second Thursday of every Month I do the P{olystylism show which is a takeover… this is also available on the main Polystylism site


I first met Maf around 1989 in Pompey when things were really kicking off for Hip Hop down there… actually the story was this… I was in a record shop & Maf & his then flatmate (DJ Panoramix) walk in… I was wearing a technics necklace with the standard garms of the day, pin rolled chipies, hat too high on my head etc haha, so we started talking & ended up doing radio together amongst a lot of other things!

So, Maf was always the record nerd & mix scientist… he was great at putting records together & did a load of mixes that I have on tape… I’ll upload them over the coming months… anyway, so he never named his mixes, but I did just for my own reference & this is what the mixes have become… I originally posted this mix back in 2009 but it was nice to have a chatroom with it & talk about it in the show.  Also, the original upload was only half the mix, so this is the full version…


After the Polystylism show, my man LG does an hour with the Digging4Victory show which you can listen to on his Digging4Victory Mixcloud page when the lazy git uploads it… see you in the chat next week! **UPDATE** you can now stream this from the embedded link below…


Digging 4 Victory – Show 7 by Digging4victory on Mixcloud

Disco Scratch Radio 29.10.2015


What happened to ABU! tonight I hear you cry… well, real life sheeeit got in the way for old Squadron Leader 136, basically his internet was bolloxed… so, after not being on air for some 6 or so weeks, Reeps couldn’t make it so I stepped in… a decent amount of people in the chat & an exceptional 5 to 11 swear!

Stay spooked B Ghouls…

Disco Scratch Radio 29.10.2015 by Discoscratch on Mixcloud

Missed us? We missed you…

Life… a shuffled deck of cards… we play the best hand we can with what we get dealt… sometimes we walk out the casino with enough to make sure kith & kin are all OK… sometimes we walk out with less than sweet FA…

Last couple months I’ve been on the grind… but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about what I have done a lot… sometimes I lose myself… I get so absorbed in just turning the gears of the grind (sometimes for weeks) that I almost don’t recognise myself… then a couple of days off, a reset, a re-evaluation of what is what comes onto me… it’s never enough (I need 2 weeks), but at some point in the coming years I’ll get the balance right…

I’ll employ the right blokes, get the right admin staff in place & be the father/husband/cut maniac I NEED TO BE…. until that time just bear with me… I am passionate about the musical heritage I represent… I hope my past can show you that… I am passionate about my future… but only I can show you that… bear with me people, Disco Scratch will return in all it’s glory… keep on keepin’ on…

Crumplstock set for VIU Raychelle Keane Stage

Last night we had a hoot, I was helping my dad out back in Pompey doing a few things in the garden, then got back about 7pm last night… I knew the Crumplstock event was happening & thought maybe… just maybe I can do an hour… I couldn’t do a show on Thursday because of work so this was perfect…. I tried to celebrate the life of Raychelle by playing tunes that popped into my head… the way I looked at it, if she was listening, she’d be nodding her head, getting involved like she used to… so some upbeat Saturday night tunes with my usual verbal diarrhoea for an hour, bigup to all chatroom crew, crumplstock people, Repo136 for sorting out slots & Pom Deter for all the behind the scenes stufff…


Disco Scratch Digging4Victory Tribute Show 03.09.2015


So for the uninitiated, my mellow LG from Style Warrior Clothing/Records has been running Digging4Victory  for some time now, he has 4 previous shows up online on the website. What he’s trying to do is have a bit of an off the wall show & website that encourages the diggers amongst us to get together and celebrate our finds… most of us go to boot sales, charity shops, garage sales in the vain hope we’ll get our mining gear out and extract some nuggets… which seems rarer & rarer these days!

Well anyway, I was at the booty in Tilmanstone weekend before last & I found some mush who apparently was selling records that his uncle had, who had passed away.  I had to ask as there was a lot of Hip Hop in there… I left a lot of stuff in there that either was just too commercial or too obvious… also some stuff  already had 2 copies of, however I was interested as to how a collection like this would end up at a booty which was how I found out about his uncle…

After going through the box and leaving a lot of stuff I thought to myself I might as well just pick up this stuff & do a mix, then D4V entered my foggy mind & I thought hmmmmn, a tribute show!  So this is where I’m at, I had a great time putting this together, EVERY track in this show is the actual vinyl I bought that day, not an MP3 in sight, so some of the wax is in worse condition that others so sorry if some of it’s not up to scratch!

Hope you enjoy this, some obvious tunes in here & some lesser known ones… first 4 are from my digging expedition in Paris so more specialist, the rest from the booty… right I’ll stop prattling on, next D4V show this Thursday at 10pm right after Polystylism…

Listen on Mixcloud or hearthis or download/stream/play here:

Disco Scratch Digging4Victory Tribute Show 03.09.2015 by Discoscratch on Mixcloud

ABU Takeover show August 2015


Always one broad to spoil the party

Repo136.  Heard of him? Maybe… perhaps you were on a bombing mission… he l;ed your squadron as you swept across the channel defending Blighty… could you have met him as he chased down Skin Jobs in the future?  Maybe you just met him in the bogs down Cromer sea front in trap 3, answering to the name of “Morty”.

If you haven’t met this bloke, he just happens to present a monthly show that goes out on Disco Scratch Radio every last Thursday of the month and last night he blessed our domes with 2 hours of funk flavours, B Boy goodies & raw hip hop heaven… Hit him up on Twitter @ageingbboys or on ABU Facebook Group

But for now…. listen… LISTEN… LISTEN!!!!…..

ABU Podcast July 2015


I didn’t realise until I came to upload last nights ABU! Show that last months wasn’t even up! So, a double dose coming forth!  Cop this one then get your lugs round last nights… courtesy my bro Reepazoid…

ABU! August podcast tonight at 9PM GMT

Old Repo eh? It’s been tradition that we shut down throughout August but oh no… he’s gotta kick that tradition to the curb… in fact, more like a punt of the tradition through the h posts at a rugby match!  So seeing as I got back early from holiday, it’s all happening now at the usual spot, click the image below to get to the radio page (like as if you don’t know where it is, or just click the player above!