The first UK rap record

Over the weekend I was added to a group on FaceBook (which I normally hate when people do that, but this one is entertaining, at least for now!).  It’s called Hip Hop debates UK.  Well, after going through some posts and making a few comments I thought it would be a good place to post about the very first UK rap tune.  Now I love the art of conversation, I try to think of Facebook as if you wandered into the pub and there just happened to be some rap nerds in there (no one has internet access to fact check) and debates arise that you can only draw on your memory to mull over.

So I posted about what I thought from my foggy memory was the first UK rap record.  Now I thought this might have been “London Bridge is falling down” by Newtrament, so posted words to that affect to kick off a thread.

newtrament-london-bridge-is-falling-down-front newtrament-london-bridge-is-falling-down-back






I had some great responses and thought that rather than that information get pushed down and forgotten about on FB, I’d post it here.

So, first response I had was from a feller called James McNally with: “Summer 1981 As The Time Goes By (Rap) by Funkapolitan, 1982 Dizzy Heights Christmas rapping, 1983 Man Friday and Jive Junior Picking Up Sounds… All before Newtrament and all featuring rappers who were part of the Language Lab crew, so actual rappers not novelty performers”

And a follow up post with “There was the rap on Funkmasters’ Love Money, which I think was 1980? That was produced by Tony Williams who produced the first Junior Gee records”

Ant rap & Wham rap are mentioned by DJ Just 1, but obviously these tracks were just pop artists exploiting this new musical avenue.

I posted back with this, which made me think I should get this on Disco Scratch: “OK so after a bit of thought I remembered I have a mixtape from a guy who knows a bloody lot about UK Hip Hop, maybe more than anyone else I know! Back in the days of Heroes Of UK Hip Hop we did a mix swap. His mix was 3 decades of UK rap, with the first track from 1980. Well, I dug it out and had a look and this track is a UK rap from 1980 by “The Mexicano” (this is actually Rudolph Grant, brother of Eddy Grant) with the track “Dallas” on Mercury records. Well, it is a proper rap, with a genuine UK artist, Ambush says it’s the first so unless anyone else can prove otherwise, I’d say this is it then!”

So, I found the CD from Ambush that I have double checked to see if it is online anywhere and haven’t located it.  I can’t get hold of him these days, Websta is not online & I’m sure they would both be OK with me posting this mix, as it’s great and covers 30 tracks from 1980 to 2010.  There are some great tunes in here and shows how styles have changed through the years.

I’ll let the music do the talking, track list at the bottom of the post.

Links (Discogs)

The Mexicano – Dallas (1980)

Newtrament, London Bridge is falling down (1983)

Funkapolitan: As The Time Goes By (1981)

Dizzy Heights Christmas rapping (1983)

Man Friday and Jive Junior – Picking Up Sounds (1983)


Disco Scratch Radio October 2016 Rock Against Racism


A while ago I posted on social media that if I felt strongly about something, instead of clicking like, retweeting, reposting etc, I would actually do something about it.  So, for the uninitiated (as I was until this week), there is a racist group run by neo nazis who have chosen my town of Margate to have a march.  They call their group “White Lives Matter”.  It is disgusting that a movement in America, which is designed NOT to alienate any other colours, but focus on the problems facing the black community in America, has had their name twisted and misused by this group.

You will hear opinion in the interview as I discuss this situation with one of the organisers, Kaz Peet.  I simply could not sleep at night knowing this is going on, on my doorstep… so I will be down there tomorrow with friends and family to enjoy myself at this excellent festival supporting our diverse communities and showing that ALL LIVES MATTER.

Please try and get down to Margate tomorrow to show these people who only want to stir up racial tension in an area that has welcomed & embraced it, that all communities can live together without fear of racist attacks.  Here’s the location:


I won’t get into any more detail here, the interview speaks for itself, the interview is part of the normal show so there’s tunes and chat in there like usual!!!  Don’t forget our special “Mouth Breathers Mixtape next week on Disco Scratch Radio featuring Repo136 from Ageing B Boys Unite & LG from Digging4Victory, you won’t want to miss!!!

See you next week… Download at the bottom of the post


Facebook Event:

Oppose the fascist White Lives Matter march – join us in Margate



Ageing B Boys Unite! End of Summer Show 80s Groove Special


After a disastrous (sorry) night last night AGAIN due to my flaky broadband connection, I couldn’t stream a show and so I am updating with bits and bobs I have missed updating.

This show was broadcast on the last Thursday of September 2016, with Repo lettin’ you ‘ave it with some classic 80s soulful grooves amongst his usual mix of spot on humour and melon twisting adverts from TV & radio of yesteryear.

I know I’m late on the update, in face after this there’s another 3 shows to post so that should keep you busy for a bit!  Anyway, don’t lose faith in Disco Scratch as all our shows now will be directly broadcast from our server as my streaming connection is just too dodgy!

ABU! Returns end of September as the leaves start to turn brown & drop, then end of October, ABU!, Digging4Victory & Disco Scratch once again combine in a funky triumvirate to feed your ears with a special combo mixtape… see you all soon!


End of summer 2016 wrap up

So, I sit in the POV tonight, this bank holiday Sunday night, the last gasp of true freeness before it’s all back to normal… Next week will be buying uniforms, kids moaning, sorting out diaries so after school clubs don’t clash etc etc etc…

I always have the summer off and this year is no different.  I didn’t go away this summer, just a couple of days off here and there.  2016 for me will be remembered as the summer of Stranger Things.  This TV series has really, REALLY inspired me.  I absolutely love it and the incidental score has been my soundtrack to summer.

With time marching on and the nights drawing in, I am really trying to get some normality back with regards to Disco Scratch.  Long time listeners will know that there was a time when DS was weekly, but things beyond my control forced my hand.

Anyway, the autumn is always like a new leaf for me… funny really, I can’t explain why but it’s my favourite season, I love it when the evenings get chilled, you need a hoody to go out, it makes me buckle down & GET SHIT DONE!  So, starting this coming Thursday, each month will be as follows… a LIVE DS show on the first Thursday of the month.  Polystylism & Digging4Victory on the second Thursday.  The 3rd Thursday is available for ANYONE to do a live show or an exclusive mix, last Thursday of the month as always is Ageing B Boys Unite! with Repo.

I have recognised that I can’t do too much without upsetting the apple cart, so this is a realistic schedule for me.  So, hopefully this will be the way things will go over the coming year.

Lastly, I am archiving a lot of content on the DS server.  I have finally run out of space!  I have 50GB of space that I have been paying for over an almost 10 year period & that is now full.  So, the first year of shows is being removed from the server, but available as a download from 4 different services, namely Mega, Mediafire, Mixcloud & Mixcrate.  Hopefully, even if one one of these fail the others will stay up.

Also I’ll be posting soon with the NEW DS phone number.  Call in & say whatever you like about whatever you like but remember we will play your calls on the show, so don’t say anything you are not 100% sure will get “out there”!

Number coming soon…

So, thanks to all crew who have stayed locked & check on a Thursday even though they get nothing… I know, it’s annoying, but hopefully with a stricter but less work schedule I can provide the sheeeit you neeedz!!!  Anyway, enjoy the last bit of summer, see you in the autumn… Peace, Wax.

Saucy Summer mix with ABU! & Digging 4 Victory


Last nights show replaced the usual Ageing B boys Unite! show, however Repo repped ABU! as one third of the show… so it was a special scintillating speedo wearing BBQ summer special with 2 hours of tunes to get you through the summer heat (if it stops pissing down!)

So, get in your deckchair in the garden, or sit by the pool, put your headphones on and enjoy the summer vibes!  Tracklist in the comments…

Disco Scratch Radio MC Gels In Interview


Out of the Bronx, New York, aged only 18 YEARS OLD!  My melon was twisted when I first heard some of this cats material on Soundcloud… I thought he must be in his 30s at least because of the flow, delivery & production of his music.  Gels is an unassuming self made rapper, who leans on the early 90s golden era of Hip Hop for his musical influence.

Along with production from the likes of MPADrums among others, Gels spits lovely flows over real ,nice productions.  Think he’s only on the slow tip? Nope, he can rhyme at pace too, he’s a real versatile MC and I thought it only right to give him some props on Disco Scratch Radio.

Hearing music like this just makes an Ageing B Boy like me very happy, it makes me know that the torch has been passed to someone who will keep it lit…

Anyway, the show was meant to be 2 hours but my internet connection kept dropping out & I didn’t realise that it had stopped recording from the first dropout, so I only have the interview for this show, but it’s a great listen for those that don’t know him.

He has a new LP entitled “Wandering Souls” which is now available on his Bandcamp page, you can also listen to him on Soundcloud and get at him on Twitter & Instagram… he also has a Youtube channel.

Here’s a quick link for you to peep his stuff, then cop the whole interview at the bottom either download or stream… oh, you can hit him, up on Facebook too.  If you do get a message to him or cop his LP, tell him Waxer linked ya! See yas next week…

Ageing B Boys Unite! Show 59, April 2016


Every month my man to my slight right, Squadron Leader 136 kicks ballistics with the ABU! Show… tonight’s show was filled with stone cold classics, some great themes from the past, fun facts, banter about the old school and all the other fly ingredients that Repo throws into the mix.  You know the steez by now, but if not, Ageing B Boys Unite! represents on the last Thursday of every month on Disco Scratch Radio…

Why not leave a comment below? Let other heads know about this show & what you thought!  Next week I’ll be on the wheels with Disco Scratch… till then…

Download/stream below or you can listen on Hearthis


Disco Scratch Radio April 21.04.2016


Dry spell? Bastard drought more like! So I dusted off the mic in the POV and did the first live Disco Scratch show since Christmas last year!  What can I say? Too much work not enough play I’m afraid, but anyway… So usual format tonight, some new tracks starting off with the dopest UK tune out there, in fact scratch that, THE BEST TUNE OUT THERE RIGHT NOW FULL STOP! DJ Supreme & Son Of Noise with RIP, then getting into some more new flavour, with a few oldies chucked in for good measure.

The Video to the Supreme track has 2 fellers involved in it that I’ve known for a good few years now, Pritt Kalsi & Andy Higgs, they did a quality job on this & I salute them!!!  Of course bigup to all crew that were involved… this track has been on repeat since it appeared on youtube!

Views at 10… the main story this past couple of weeks has been the allegations made against Bambaataa… I give my opinions here.  Chatroom selection, 5 to 11 swear and… we’re done.

See you next week… tracklist in the comments…