Beat Mining With The Vinyl Hoover


I listened to this great documentary a while back on Radio 4, got it purely by chance, listened to it live.  Well I recorded it and it’s not available ion the iPlayer now, so here it is for you lucky Disco Scratchers.  It’s a great UK documentary with input from DJ Mark The 45 King, Steinski, Keb Darge and others.  It’s an hour long… enjoy

  • word waxoff …listening to this now, missed it when it was on the wireless. thanks for posting this up! i got that Playschool record with the beat Coldcut were banging on about lol….def documentary…props to the great STEINSKI

  • download link just takes me to a player instead …?

  • Christian

    Thanks a lot looking forward to this 🙂

  • Ocdulynoted

    Why is the file less than 30 min long? Is there a full DL somewhere? Thanks for posting.