Disco Scratch Radio 8 – 1989 Special

Yes that’s right, grab your Motorola flip,stick a few cold Red Stripes in a bag,  borrow your mums car and drive up a hill nearby as you move your aerial about to listen to the dulcit tones of WaxOnWaxOff as he defecates in your ear canals with the dopest flavours from the UK, 21 years ago!  This week I was dusting off some old tunes and I’d sorted out a load of stuff and the majority was from 1989.  Upon closer inspection it dawned on me that 1989 was probably the best year for the UK and decided to do a 1989 special.

The tracks I play are full of wicked lyrical skills, def production, I mean cutting up stabs on top of breaks, like James Brown & The Meters while top rappers deliver raps so sharp you imagine them in pain after they finish rhyming, cutting the insides of their mouths with the razor sharp verbals.

This show takes you back to a time when the UK were HUNGRY for Hip Hop and keen to split from the US and stand on their own.  The UK had by this time got a solid enough base of radio stations, venues, record shops, producers, labels, engineers, club DJS and such to be self supportive and this show proves that.  Listen to the shout outs at the end of the MC Mello tracks “Bizzie Rhymin” to hear a nice slice of who was making the most noise at the time.

The only downer with this show is that I had a few gremlins in the studio last night and couldn’t record it at high quality and for some reason the stream went out at a lower quality so it’s not as bright as usual… but maybe that was fate?  Maybe someone used the force to manipulate that to give it a dusty tinge to replicate those static filled tapes from 1989, with the odd burst of the local taxi firm overriding your tape recording.  Still, the Disco Scratch logo was shone into the night, and the red Scratch phone rang at Repo136’s yard, where a mighty voice from one of the generals of the UK Army’s front line on maneuvers told me it was OK… he was recording…  download is at the bottom of the post after the tracklist…. Enjoy this show and get on next week for UK LEGEND MC DUKE!!!


1.Disco Scratch Radio Intro
2.Waxer – Where’s The Scratch
3.2 The Top – The Rhythm I Give ‘Em
4.Kinetic Effect – Beyond The Parameters Of Amateurs
5.Cash Crew – One Decade
6.Chris Biscuit – Rhymes To Kill
7.Cookie Crew – Born This Way
8.Dee Lawal – The D Don’t Play
9.Freshki Dames – Kickin It Live
10.JC001 & DJ D Zire – Bad Place To Get Hit
11.MC Martay & DJ DBM – Beyond Control
12.KCF Productions – Words N Music
13.MC Cardi & DJ 357 – Rough Potential
14.MC Buzz B – How Sleep The Brave (70s Funk Mix)
15.MC Groove – The Groove
16.MC Mello – Bizzie Rhymin
17.MC Untouchable – Back Street Blues
18.Shogun MC – The Struggle Continues
19.Hijack – Doomsday Of Rap
20.Normski – Easy
21.Goldtop – Introduction
22.Freshki & Mo Rock – Pick Up On This
23.DJ Mink – Hey Hey Can You Relate
24.Cue Tips & Dashy D – Control
25.Blade – We’re Going Independent
26.MCs Logic – We’re On A Mission
27.MC Duke – I’m Riffin’

This show has now been archived , CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – top show. 1989 absolutely smokes it like a kipper.

    I usually record the shows anyway, probably my inner child harking back to the days of sitting in my bedroom hovering over my Woolies brand, double tape deck as I’m tuned to The Boss In London. Trouble is, back then I was far too fond of the pause button. These days I give it like the Big Daddy and let it roll (I could’ve said Doug Lazy, big whoop, wanna fight about it?).

    Actually I only ever missed one DS show. And that was mine!! I dunno, got so nervous and excited that I was in the spotlight that week that I got all kerfuffled and taped the wrong thing.

    Track of the show for me was Cue Tips & Dashy D – Control.