What am I pointing at? Answers in the comments please!

This journey we are on through life… the metaphor I am currently thinking of is like walking through a forest, down a well trodden track…. off of this track there are many smaller tracks, some slightly overgrown, some with light at the end of them, some with darkness at the end.  The curious traveller may stop to contemplate these smaller tracks, go down them, some right to the end, never going back to the well trodden path.

Some of these paths change direction, go uphill, downhill, double back on themselves, end up back on the trodden path, sometimes back further from where you left it, only for you to go over the same section of path again.

This last paragraph pretty much sums up where I have been both in life and musically over the past few years.  Not to bore you with it as long time listeners to the show will know that I have told everyone numerous times about the sometimes very hard work life I have and the difficulty incorporating all the parts of my life into and around it.

This has meant that over the past 5 years or so, Disco Scratch went from one of the strongest shows out there to a much smaller affair.  At Christmas last year (2016), there was a malware attack on my hosting company and all my websites went down.  The hosting company saw this within seconds and the reason all my sites went down was to minimise damage.  This was traced to an e-mail address associated to Disco Scratch which had been compromised.

After much wrangling trying to get things back on track, I made the decision to just delete the entire site, all the previous posts, some 8 years worth!  I did and still have got backups of the site before the event, however I felt like a clean slate was better.  Because I was half in the mind of ending things anyway, I made this announcement public and tried to push DS out of my mind.

However, my brain isn’t wired in a way that is always logical!  And after a few months I find myself reactivating the site, the Facebook page, twitter etc and started doing a few shows.  It wasn’t to any great fanfare and needless to say, a lot of my former listeners had disappeared and I don’t blame them!  The only way to build up a listenership is to put in the work regularly and create good content!

So, when Thursdays roll around the Disco Scratch Radio Show is always buzzing round my head… not a single Thursday goes by without me thinking about doing a show if possible but then I seem to get caught up in some bullshit I have to do or some disaster at home or work and it doesn’t happen and I go to bed late thinking of what might have been.

I came to the conclusion that what I had created some 10 years hence, had become unmanageable.  Until now.

So, it is early days at the moment, things are in development, but there is going to be a proper local radio station in Margate in Kent, that I am going to be a part of.  I was there yesterday all day with the owners, involved in getting the place set up.  I really am super, super excited about this… and it looks like the good ship Disco Scratch has almost finished dry dock repairs and is nearly ready for launch!

I can’t go into any further details yet, but all being well I am hoping to have a weekly Hip Hop show, featuring true school hip hop, doesn’t matter about old/mid/new school, all that matters is good music.  I am hoping to bring the fun that we always had on DS straight into the studio, with live phone ins, competitions (winners will get prizes this time!), interviews, exclusives, guest MCs for ciphers, guest DJ scratch mixes, as much as I can cram into 2 hours.  I am hoping to build this show up to be one of the best shows out there for Hip Hop.

I am hoping to also reignite the Polystylism show, which I am thinking might be once a month, replacing the DS show in my regular timeslot.  Going back to my initial analogy, I will be going down some of those now overgrown unused trails to pick some musical delights out for you.  Over the summer I have heard some fantastic music, gone down rabbit holes of Jungle, Tear Out Drum & Bass, Dub, Soundscape, Rave, Psychedelic, Italian Horror, Folk Horror, Hauntology, Library Music to name just a few…  I have tons of super music ready for Polystylism as and when that comes about.

And so to the present… so until my show starts properly, if I get any shows together (actually this is likely as I will be warming up and getting things ready for the new show) I will be posting them on here as a podcast/download and on Mixcloud/Hearthis.  I also have some tape rips to upload and I’m also going to get all the past DS shows up on Mixcloud/Hearthis so there is a full archive available out there.

Well, that’s about it for now, thanks to all for sticking with me and my oddball brain!  New material up later today and this week… peace out, Waxer.

PS, don’t forget to comment as to what I am pointing at!

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