Soon I will be back on the air weekly on a new radio station. In the meantime I am kicking off 2 other things. 1 is a 24 hour stream on Disco Scratch Radio.
I can fit approximately 400 tracks on the server which play in rotation. I would like this to be the best UK Hip Hop you can find, from the earliest to the most recent.
If you have tracks you would like to be played on either my new show, or as a track on the Disco Scratch 24/7 stream, please inbox me here. I will be reposting in several groups.
I aim to get as much as I can uploaded today, so it will work straight away.  Also, if you are initerested in me either restreaming your show live, or a regular syndication of your show, let me know.  Please tag anyone from any group you feel might want either their music or their shows included.
Please note I am grateful for all submissions but I cannot guarantee all tracks will make it into rotation, I have made a page on the site for you to upload your submissions, it’s here:
Also please note that you are responsible for your own submissions, including any copyright issues. A list of all tracks on the server will be available on request.  I will be setting up an additional IRC client chat which lists all tracks played alongside the existing Disco Scratch chat…
The existing chat is here:
So that’s about it for this udate, hope to hear from you soon!
Pz, Wax.
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