Disco Scratch Radio was back on air this week after errr… only 8 months off, who noticed haha!  Well I was working away from home as I always am now and so I have to take my complete mobile radio station with me wherever I am and do my best to get a show online.  It started well, but streaming a show via a ropey 3g hotspot in the middle of nowhere is probably not a good idea!  So after the first half hour, things got messy so I pulled the plug and then finished up the podcast today.

No views at 10, but hopefully there will be this coming week!  Anyway, in this podcast is the new section ABU in 3, which is where a member of Ageing B Boys Unite! submits 3 records that represent them to give an opportunity to say whatsup, what makes them an ageing B Boy, some crew shout outs, that sort of thing.  This week is old mate of mine LG from Digging4Victory

If you want to get involved, either hit us up on the ABU! FB group page, either just make a post or inbox me or Repo, hit me up on Twitter or e-mail me… see ya next week!

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