Disco Scratch Radio 15.11.2018

OK, OK, it’s 5 days after it was broadcast, I had a few things to deal with over the weekend, so here it is…  What’s that weird frog? WTF is he going on about?  All explained in the show…

Waxy woo brings some new tracks along, has a good rant about “internet speak” that is affecting our beloved English language. Chatroom stuff, “Record reviews”, Ageing B Boys Unite special talking about the best intros to Hip Hop tracks, the usual stuff that sounds like dog diarrhoea being sucked through a sock. Recorded in Wales, streamed from Petersfield…

Wanna stream from these services?  Embedded below… Or if not just download from this post… or you can grab from the web archive:



Disco Scratch Radio Live Show 08.11.2018

Tonight I’m in Trefeglwys, a tiny village near Newtown in Wales.  Renovated Chapel actually, really nice.  Got all my gear setup on the dining room table, all working well actually, despite some last minute problems with my shoutcast host disabling the stream, I managed to get a new one sorted and reprogram everything to work in time.  Anyway, a pretty standard show, just getting back into the live swing of things after a hiatus, so maybe things will pick up …

You can submit tracks for the show at our new upload page: https://discoscratch.co.uk/upload just make an account and start uploading!  We can also include your tracks on the 24/7 live stream, use the contact page or hit me up on twitter for more info.

Download/stream at the bottom & other links…

This shows page on archive.org:


Mediafire archive page (this is building slowly)


New upload feature

If you have any audio you want to send in for inclusion on the Disco Scratch show please go to this site and upload.  Any submitted tracks must not be under any copyright restrictions (you must either own the track as in you wrote it, or are part of several owners, like a group), or it’s a DJ mix.

It’s preferable that you send in a zip file including any tracks with any artwork, BIO information or documentation about the release/artist background etc.  Although an MP3, WAV, AIF, AIFF or FLAC will be fine.  Please include any information you feel relevant.  Please also ensure that files are named properly and FLAC/MP3 files have embedded artwork and are properly ID3 tagged.

If you aren’t very technical, just upload the track and hit me up using the contact form or on Twitter @DiscoScratch

Get those tracks in!



First official Disco Scratch radio Show 08.04.2010

When I started doing Disco Scratch I had a slot on Freestyle FM (now defunct).  Back then there weren’t loads of stations you could do shows on, but Freestyle had a good mix of Hip Hop, D n B, jungle, reggae etc and we fitted in nicely.  The crew there were nice too, never met up but had a laugh in the chatroom!

This show was dedicated to Malcolm McLaren who died on the day this show aired.

Tracklist in the comments…

Disco Scratch Radio Promo Poster

Stream from Hearthis:

Stream from Mixcloud:


Disco Scratch Radio Pilot Episode

In a series of archive posts I will be making, the aim is to upload every single show to various places online.  If you are new to Disco Scratch, you will find we play what I call “True School Hip Hop”… some people might say this is a wanky, non descript phrase, so I’ll break it down:  “Old School UK Hip Hop”, “Old School US Hip Hop” and only that which is decent!

I play brand new up to date music and any decent Hip Hop from it’s inception to today.  I also play music that Hip Hop draws it’s elements from… we call this “The Roots Of The Roots”, which features in future episodes with myself on Disco Scratch & in the Ageing B boys Unite show, available on Disco Scratch& hosted by Repo136.

I have noticed that various things I have uploaded over the years have been ripped off and have appeared on other websites, youtube channels and so on.  I suppose it’s a form of flattery but nonetheless, a nod to the content creator wouldn’t go amiss!  This website is the only official source of uploads by myself & other contributors.  All our channels are listen in the links page if you want to check our online presences.

This first upload is a pilot I did in 2009.  Even though the site was live from September 2007, I didn’t get my arse in gear and do anything much beyond posting some tape rips and such.  At first, Disco Scratch was more of a personal site with my own musings, sharing tape rips & vinyl rips via links in the forum.

The rise in the FaceBook phenomena killed all that and now most people I know are just on there.  This is a real shame as it’s an unstoppable beast, people barely leave it… I have a problem with the data protection on there but it is what it is… no such thing as a free lunch!  You can get at me personally on there @chopshitup

Anyway onto the show, tracklist in comments below with links to everywhere this is available online, or you can stream or download directly from within this post.

The very first (official) Disco Scratch Radio show, the pilot predecessor to the main shows, first aired in May 2009.  Hosted by Waxer @ The POV v.1 (Dudley, West Midlands).

This is part of the archive series of shows I am uploading to get every single episode available for download from official sources.  Tracklist in comments.



“everybody’s online … lookin’ good…”

You can’t keep a good dog down… and this dog is still around.  After not putting out much content since the glory days in 2011 I’ve tried my best to keep the shows regular but real life shit just gets in the way…. So, starting this week I’m uploading all shows to Mixcloud, Soundcloud, YouTube & Hearthis so you can grab every show from every outlet.  Links coming soon, updates via our various outlets… just for the record, here is all of our online outlets:

Disco Scratch Radio (for live shows): https://discoscratch.co.uk/radio
Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/discoscratch/ (for archive shows to stream)
Hearthis: https://hearthis.at/discoscratch/ (for archive shows to stream/download)
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/discoscratch (for archive shows to stream)
Discord chatroom (invite): https://discord.gg/7z3Qk46
Disco Scratch Old School UK database: http://discoscratch.pbworks.com
And finally, MySpace (yep, it still exists in 2018!) https://myspace.com/thediscoscratch


See you guys around…

” Why settle for a couple of bones when you can have the whole bank?”
Oh you can’t keep a good dog down (No sir)
No you can’t keep a good dog down
I’ve seen pain and hurt, I’ve eaten dirt (That’s true)
It’s hard to buy but even I have been jilted by a skirt (He lies)
But look out, I’m still around
Cause you can’t keep a good dog down
Ya can’t keep a good dog down (No you can’t)
No no no no, you can’t keep a good dog down
I’ve been bought and sold
He’s been warm and cold
But ten to one I’ll still be runnin’ rackets when I’m old
Not in some cage in the city pound
Cause you can’t keep a good dog
Can’t keep a good, I say you can’t keep a good dog down
In him’s the luck of the Irish
The pride of the German
And even a bit of Siam
Siam? You see the come of the English
The charm of the Spanish
A pedigree a certainly ain’t what I am
So call me a mixed up pup
(You’re a mixed up pup)
But the only way this pup knows is up
Ya can’t keep a good dog down
Ya can’t keep a good dog down
He’s been fat and thin
I’ve been out and in
He tried a life of virtue
But prefer a life of sin
So tonight when we own this town
I’ve known hunger, I’ve known thirst
Lived the best and seen the worst
But the only way I know to finish best to finish first
So watch out when you hear this sound
Cause you can’t keep a good dog, no ya
Can’t keep a good, I say you can’t keep a good dog down
You can’t keep a good dog down

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