Thursday 2nd November 2017

LG licks your ears with Digging 4 Victory!

Disco Scratch Radio main page with all your links below to get your stream, or use the embedded player…

WE ARE NOW ON TUNEIN RADIO! You can use the best app on your android, windows or iOS device, just search tunein or click below to install, then just search tunein for Disco Scratch

Tune-In Links
To prevent idiots from jumping in the chat (hold on, it’s already full of idiots haha!), I mean trolls and tossers, we now use the Discord application which you can run on any device, download links for all devices below.  You’ll need to sign up just once, then you can use the chat app for any server you connect to.

Disco Scratch Radio Rotation Vault.

We are now streaming 24/7 on all the links below.  There is a monster playlist streaming all the time on random shuffle, so you never know whats coming next!  UK Hip Hop covering almost 40 years!  If you want to add to the vault, you can upload your submissions for the radio vault here:

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