DSR201 Disco Scratch Radio RackOne in the mix

Here we are again, Disco Scratch in effect, this time with RackOne, fellow Thanetian to yours truly… his debut on Disco Scratch rocking the ones & twos with a fine selection of black steel to get your juices flowing… the show is basically Rack in the mix with a little interjection from me now and […]

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Disco Scratch Radio 15.11.2018

  • Nov 20, 2018

OK, OK, it’s 5 days after it was broadcast, I had a few things to deal with over the weekend, so here it is…  What’s that weird frog? WTF is he going on about?  All explained in the show… Waxy woo brings some new tracks along, has a good rant about “internet speak” that is […]

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Disco Scratch Radio Live Show 08.11.2018

  • Nov 10, 2018

Tonight I’m in Trefeglwys, a tiny village near Newtown in Wales.  Renovated Chapel actually, really nice.  Got all my gear setup on the dining room table, all working well actually, despite some last minute problems with my shoutcast host disabling the stream, I managed to get a new one sorted and reprogram everything to work in […]

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