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2020 update

Stability… this is something we could all do with, however life throws curve balls in our path and no matter how hard we try to swing our bat to hit that ball… it goes straight in the glove of the catcher…

I’m approaching 50 and had a bit of a rollercoaster over the past couple of years, hence the lack of shows or interaction from me and from the Disco Scratch brand.  I’m hoping I’ve turned a corner… I can feel the green shoots of spring gently pushing through the cold, dark, damp soil to look for sun…

I am trying to get back to a show at least once a month.  You’ll hear it here first.  I am paying for another year of shoutcast hosting and will get live shows up here as much as possible.  I am feeling… well, creative again!  Sometimes you can’t, no matter how hard you try, create your own opportunities, you need to just allow them to open up and grow organically and it seems that has been happening to me.

So this post is just a quick life update, a see you soon kind of thing.  I’ll keep you updated, I’m going to try to get us back to the glory days over the coming months…. see ya soon, peace!



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