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Disco Scratch Radio 09.04.2020 Smudge Smith Guest Mix

Over the past couple of years I’ve had many great conversations with various members of the Ageing B Boys Unite! Facebook group , one of those members being Smudger.  He has a large following on Mixcloud, offering some superb mixes, not just Hip Hop, but the genres you know & remember, the stuff that Hip Hop heads will also listen to such as Jungle, House, RnB, grime dub, smepial tribute mixes, loads of stuff….  You can check his mixes out here:


I asked Smudger if he would like to do a guest mix for Disco Scratch.  So he knocked up 2 exclusive mixes for us, the first of which is played tonight.  First hour is me on a weird one as I just had the Crumplstock weekender last week and after all the editing, uploading and everything else I was a bit drained and disappeared into a early 90s 12 inch selection, but not just the popular ones, the ones that time forgot, those artists from the 80s who struggled to keep uop with the next generation of MCs & DJs…

Hope you like the show, thanks for your continued support, peace!



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