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Late Night Vinyl Mix

After Laz E brought the noise with an hour of the plastic attack (now live every week at https://theplasticattack.com

I decided to let the old boy take a break so he could kick back and have a few beers while I played some flavours… this particular night I grabbed all my breaks compilation LPs and had a go through those… the thing is, a lot of them were in poor condition as I don’t think I have played most of them since the mid 90s!  And I have lived in a couple places where I had to store records in a garage or in a cellar, so some of them were mouldy, so excuse the condition of them!

Also, I know this is not really an excuse, but anyway… I was… well, rather refreshed shall we say.  Thursday nights when I do Disco Scratch I won’t touch a drop, but I didn’t expect to spin and Friday night is my chillout night after a hard weeks graft!  With that in mind, if funk and breaks is your thing, here’s some of that and then some old school rap classics at the end!  See ya later…



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