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Never before seen Mike Allen video on Youtube

At some point I think around 10 years ago I found a video for sale on eBay.  I had no information on it, just that there was an association with Mike Allen.  So I bought it.  The tape has never before been seen, but I recently had the pleasure of meeting a film director named Nigh Light who interviewed me for an up coming documentary about Mike Allen.

I spoke to him about the tape and explained that I had tried to rip the VHS but the quality was poor, so he offered to do it professionally and I have just got round to uploading it to youtube.  So here it is in its’ full glory, a Streetsounds advert with Mike on voiceover duties.  It’s the full tape rip including idents and there are 2 different versions.

I never saw the advert and no one ever referred to it, so to my knowledge, this is the first time anyone will have seen it other than those working on it back in the day.  A nice slice of UK Hip Hop history!  Please leave a comment in the disqus section at the bottom if you want any more info… peace out to all the Allens Army!



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