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Back After 6 months

I could flap on to you about why it has been so long from the last show to this, but really what’s the point… I cover some of it in the show… after getting the Palace Of Villainy to version 3.0 over the past 6 weeks I now have a proper dedicated space to do shows.  I’m on the lookout for a dedicated studio computer so I can get back into production and I’ll have a dedicated DJ laptop where I don’t have any faff, I can just rock up and broadcast.

Also got some new needles and cartridges so it’s all looking good for the coming weeks and months… I have a Christmas Special coming up and the voicemail line will be back in effect for your shout outs (use the number on the side of the page)

Hope you guys are well and I am always amazed that with no promo at all, people still tune in and get in the chatroom!  See you next week, downloads/link below…

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