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Now hosting The Plastic Attack show

Morning all!  A post on DS seems like a rarity these days, however, hopefully this finds you in fine fettle.  Over the past 10 years I’m afraid the Disco Scratch show has been all over the place, hardly regular anyway that’s for sure…  I think the mantra I stand by is “If it happens it happens”… there are multiple reasons why it’s been a difficult time for me but it’s all down to work mainly.  I work in the security & fire industry and the majority of work I do is led by construction.  In this game, you have SLAs and contracts and if you don’t get stuff finished in time you get hit very hard financially, so I am constantly working to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Thursday nights have always been special to me, since I was a kid, I dunno, something about that “only one more day until the weekend” vibe… I used to like to have a “mini Friday” on Thursdays for some reason!  But work has made that difficult as I am often working until late or in London and can’t get back in time, plus I’m pooped when I get home.

So why am I telling you all this?  Well, DJ Laz-E approached me as we have been doing stuff together for a long time now, I have done a couple of takeover shows and appeared on his show on RTE in Ireland.  Plus The Plastic Attack show is hosted on the Disco Scratch shoutcast stream.  So when E said he needed some time off as he was dealing with other projects, I thought I could dedicate some time to hosting a regular show that is on without fail.  Fridays are easier for me as the week is done, so for the past 5 weeks I have been hosting the show without missing a single one!

You can head over top www.theplasticattack.com on a Friday night from 9 to 10PM GMT and catch the show.  The vibe is different to a chaotic and thrown together Disco Scratch show, I like to think it’s a bit more professional and thought out!  There is a chatroom available on our Discord server, click here: https://discord.gg/4evskhMx8K

Lastly you can grab any previous shows over at DJ Laz-E’s Mixcloud page here: https://www.mixcloud.com/djlaze/

So if you have been missing my dulcit tones you know where I am now!  I’m not doing the Disco Scratch show for a while, probably until around Easter so we’ll see how the land lies then…

Hope you can lock in every Friday!  Peace, Waxer.



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