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The passing of one of the greatest to ever do it

It is with great sadness that I heard of the passing of this iconic Hip Hop legend Biz Markie when I woke up this morning.  It’s hard to put into words what this man meant to me growing up and all the wonderful contributions he has made to the world of Hip Hop.  Growing up in the 80s as a teenager and having the “Going’ Off” LP on tape and listening to that endlessly, over and over, wearing the batteries out, never fast forwarding a track, will be a memory I will have until the end of my days.

I saw him live a couple of times, although the misty depths of my fuddled brain can’t remember where or when… I’ll have to look back through my ticket Stubbs!

A true gentleman and also a gentle and kind soul who brought so much humour to the world.  When Biz started his career (on vinyl anyway, I’m not too sure about anything before this), on Roxanne Shantés “Def Fresh Crew” the world knew there was something special.

I can only write this as a fan, I never met him, don’t know anything about his personal life or close friends or family… and actually I treasure that.  He was and always will be a true Icon and Legend of Hip Hop… if you are feeling blue, you can always throw on a Biz Markie LP to cheer you up.

As one of the only ways I can say thank you for his life, I have made it so that all you can hear on The Disco Scratch Live Stream is Biz Markie for a while… don’t know how long yet, but for a while… I have 100 Biz Markie songs on there on shuffle, so you can hit the link and get a lucky dip of whatever is playing…

RIP, you will be very, very missed…


Live Biz Markie stream link: https://bit.ly/discoscratchradio



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