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Disco Scratch Radio 06.10.2022

Been a while!  I finally have a new home for all the equipment and can now stream regularly, so this is the first show with me getting back to regular, so from now on it’ll be back to how it was when I was doing shows all the time:

First & third Thursdays of the month: Disco Scratch Radio Live

2nd Thursday: Polystylism & Digging 4 Victory

Last Thursday: Ageing B Boys Unite! Podcast

Chatroom is running, there’s a player on the main radio page to listen on the web or you can download the simple radio app & just search for Disco Scratch…

All the download links are below… as you were!

Click to download / stream directly
Click to download / stream directly or use links below


Click to go to Internet Archive













Click to download via mediafire



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