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Throwback Show, DSR10 Biscuits

This week I was stuck away working AGAIN with shitty Wifi.  I knew I couldn’t broadcast live so I tried to upload this show 4 HOURS before 9pm and after 3 hours it was still only 50% done so I ended up abandoning it.  I feel like a got damn stuck record with telling people I couldn’t do a show, however I’m job hunting at the moment and I won’t be working away from home then.

My work situation has in fact messed me up and now I can’t get to the NHS jam next week where I was meant to be DJing for Whirlwind D & Original One.  This is a right shitter as it’s really the only jam I go to religiously every year, but real life shit gets in the way… what ya gonna do?

Anyway, hope you enjoy this rave from the grave show, it’ll keep ya going until I can get a live show again, which won’t happen next week as I’ll be driving down the fucking cunting bastarding M1 when I should be on air because of my work schedule, but something will be up on Friday…

Stream/download etc all links below…


No Sleep Nigel Interview Part 2

Bloody hell the knowledge this bloke has is super deep.  So we split the interview into 2.  Thanks to everyone who joined in live last week for the show.  Unfortunately I had a bad problem that arose yesterday that threw everything out the window, so when I should have been streaming I was driving down the M1 trying to get to Margate!

So anyway, here’s the show, back to live next week…

As always you can stream/download the show below, head to the Mediafire site and grab the show (just click the image) and other shows (I am building the vault), or if you prefer stream from Mixcloud / Hearthis.  There is also an internet archive page here if you fancy that… til next week.


Throwback show. No Sleep Nigel in interview

NSN with Rodney P in 2017

A member of ABU! Asked me this past week about an interview that I did with No Sleep Nigel.  He had found an obscure reference to it on a forum somewhere.  After a bit of searching I realised that even though it was broadcast back in 2010 it wasn’t available for download anywhere.  I was a bit tight for time last week and despite my best attempts I didn’t think a live show was possible, so I thought it was a good time to reflect on this interview.

Part 2 will be broadcast this week and back to live shows the week after.  Download/stream below, or grab from the Internet archive here: https://archive.org/details/DiscoScratchRadio25NoSleepNigelPart1

Or if you want to be a completist, it’s also on mediafire along with several others, you can check that out here:



Disco Scratch Radio Pilot Episode

In a series of archive posts I will be making, the aim is to upload every single show to various places online.  If you are new to Disco Scratch, you will find we play what I call “True School Hip Hop”… some people might say this is a wanky, non descript phrase, so I’ll break it down:  “Old School UK Hip Hop”, “Old School US Hip Hop” and only that which is decent!

I play brand new up to date music and any decent Hip Hop from it’s inception to today.  I also play music that Hip Hop draws it’s elements from… we call this “The Roots Of The Roots”, which features in future episodes with myself on Disco Scratch & in the Ageing B boys Unite show, available on Disco Scratch& hosted by Repo136.

I have noticed that various things I have uploaded over the years have been ripped off and have appeared on other websites, youtube channels and so on.  I suppose it’s a form of flattery but nonetheless, a nod to the content creator wouldn’t go amiss!  This website is the only official source of uploads by myself & other contributors.  All our channels are listen in the links page if you want to check our online presences.

This first upload is a pilot I did in 2009.  Even though the site was live from September 2007, I didn’t get my arse in gear and do anything much beyond posting some tape rips and such.  At first, Disco Scratch was more of a personal site with my own musings, sharing tape rips & vinyl rips via links in the forum.

The rise in the FaceBook phenomena killed all that and now most people I know are just on there.  This is a real shame as it’s an unstoppable beast, people barely leave it… I have a problem with the data protection on there but it is what it is… no such thing as a free lunch!  You can get at me personally on there @chopshitup

Anyway onto the show, tracklist in comments below with links to everywhere this is available online, or you can stream or download directly from within this post.

The very first (official) Disco Scratch Radio show, the pilot predecessor to the main shows, first aired in May 2009.  Hosted by Waxer @ The POV v.1 (Dudley, West Midlands).

This is part of the archive series of shows I am uploading to get every single episode available for download from official sources.  Tracklist in comments.


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