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Disco Scratch Radio 11.03.2020 ABU Nautilus Flip

After a long hiatus… we’re back and like a virus, I’m hoping to infect everyone! I have always loved the format of radio and podcast, it’s just right for me, so on a Thursday night between 9PM & 11PM, you might wanna turn that dial to discoscratch.co.uk/radio to tune in, or search “Disco Scratch” (2 words) on the Tunein app on iOS

Or, Tunein on Android 

Alternatively the live links are on the radio page.

Anyway, tonight we did the Ageing B Boys Unite Nautilus Flip featuring 5 of the ABU members only armed with the Bob James classic and flipping it in a new way, salute to all who did their thing!

The usual (if you are an old listener) mix of new and old, verbal diarrhoea, opinion, some other stuff that I forgot…

Bigup to DuckAlert for the music as always and if you want to get involved hit me up via e-mail… peace! (download / stream and all that sheeeeeeeeeit below )

Disco Scratch Radio (for live shows): https://discoscratch.co.uk/radio
Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/discoscratch/ (for archive shows to stream)
Hearthis: https://hearthis.at/discoscratch/ (for archive shows to stream/download)
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/discoscratch (for archive shows to stream)
Discord chatroom (invite): https://discord.gg/7z3Qk46
Disco Scratch Old School UK database: http://discoscratch.pbworks.com
And finally, MySpace (yep, it still exists in 2018!) https://myspace.com/thediscoscratch



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