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Disco Scratch Live At Crumplstock 2020

If you are not familiar with this, Crumplstock is an online music festival with several stages representing different styles.  I have DJ’d on there twice before, I think the festival has been running for 5 years now.  Anyway, there are 2 stages, the Crumplbangers stage which features DJs from the remix/edit/mashup community and the Ageing B Boys Unite! stage featuring old school Hip Hoppers like me!

The Crumplbangers stage has way more DJs than ABU, so get over there from 3PM GMT to kick the weekend off right!  The ABU sets are from 7PM-12 midnight GMT today (Friday 3rd April 2020) and tomorrow from 8PM-12 midnight, but the Bangers stage is fully booked from 3PM Friday right through to 7am Saturday!  And then from 1PM Saturday to 4am Sunday morning, then the final session from 11am Sunday to midnight so plenty to get your teeth into!

So grab a glass of whatever you like, roll about in the mud in the garden for a bit and then tune in for a laugh!  The ABU stage link is below in the new ABU graphic, come join us from 7PM tonight, or from 3PM on the Bangers stage… there’s a chatroom embedded on the site so you can get involved!  Just click the DJs name you want and the stream appears to the right… see you there!



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