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ABU! Podcast for Summer 2019

Well, whadyaknow? Repo136 has gone and done it again guv’nah!  A finely sliced & diced 2 hours of entertainment to lick your ears with that Hip Hop you need… featuring cuts from all over the place and leaving me wanting to listen to back to back Mike Allen shows.

If you are not acquainted with Ageing B boys, this is a great show to kick you off to discover the back catalogue, it really is a meat n potatoes podcast, like a comfy pair of pyjamas, slightly open paisley dressing gown & soft fluffy slippers… while doing a windmill or moshing in a dirty early 90s London club!

Anyway, this is already available on the ABU! Hearthis page, the embed is below, but this post is for the podcast subscribers to Disco Scratch… and by the way, I am back on the airwaves this Thursday with (hopefully) a special guest!  Anyway, here’s the show on Hearthis & after that is the embedded MP3…

If you like the show, leave a comment!  Oh, by the way, ABU is on facebook, it’s a great group, join it and share!  Click the pic to connect:




Ageing B Boys Unite! 2018 Christmas Special

Streamed live on Thursday 20th December, accompanied by a couple of snifters of a little suttin’ suttin’, I sat with my elf hat on and partially open paisley dressing gown and got filled in with Christmas spirit courtesy the old boy Repo Claus… We always try to get as many people in the chatroom as possible… trying to get the balance right with a little bit of promo without tagging everyone and cramming it down your holiday road!

Repo & I like to think that if ABU! is your cup of tea, that you would seek it out yourself without us doing too much, however it’s always a little disappointing when we don’t get many live listeners… we have supported many people and websites, radio shows, music releases, events and so on over the years, yet for reasons unknown to us it doesn’t seem to be reciprocated.

Somehow, this post bringing you Christmas cheer has turned into a bit of an end of year moan!  Oh well, take that brandy bottle by the neck, take a slug and sneak into your mum & dads room where you know they’ve hidden your Christmas present (like I did at Christmas, I think probably 1983 and completed the game and put it back in the box about a week before Crimbo, then had to look all surprised when I took the wrapping paper off!, shame on me!)

And so here is the actual show that went out live, it is hosted on Repo’s Hearthis page, so for the sake of statistics and keeping everything in one place, here’s the embedded Hearthis player.  A download link is included within the player for you to grab it and throw it on your player of choice.  Grab some eggnog, some Stölen and tune in… see ya next week for the Disco Scratch Radio end of year show… Tracklist in the comments.

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